We at WIJPS are committed to ensuring that every child is provided with an opportunity to enjoy success and achievement.

To achieve this, we:

· Work to ensure that the school is a positive, challenging and stimulating learning environment.

· Encourage high standards in all aspects of school life.

· Promote a positive commitment to modern orthodox Judaism and a sense of identity with Israel.

· Foster self-respect, respect for others and the wider community.

We believe in:

· Encouraging the enjoyment of learning.

· Working together as a staff to develop a common sense of purpose.

· Setting targets for success.

· Providing quality teaching consistently in all subjects.

· Monitoring and evaluating the achievement and attainment of pupils and the quality of education provided by the school.

· Striving continuously to raise standards in every aspect of school life.

· Encouraging parents to work in partnership with staff.

· Developing the school as a community and its relationship with the wider community.

· Supporting staff in developing their own knowledge, skills and capabilities.

· Ensuring that the school environment is clean, bright, well-maintained and providing a stimulating climate within which pupils are motivated to learn.

· Encouraging awareness and pride in the Jewish heritage and culture.

· Developing in each pupil a commitment to Judaism and a sense of identification with the state of Israel.

· Encouraging trust, self respect, honesty and confidence to take responsibility for actions.

· Encouraging pupils to value themselves and others recognising their own strengths and areas for development.

· Providing opportunities for pupils to widen their horizons and increase their self-confidence.

· Encouraging achievement as defined in the broadest sense.

· Developing pupils’ awareness of the environment.

· Providing opportunities for pupils to contribute to the wider community.

· Instilling pupils with a sense of pride in the presentation of themselves and their work.

· Ensuring that all aspects of the school life are managed efficiently, effectively, fairly and with a sense of purpose.

· Encouraging everyone working within and with the school to give of their best at all times.