From Nursery and Reception, all the way through to Year 6, every pupil at Wohl Ilford Jewish Primary School goes on a wonderful journey, enjoying many life enriching experiences. Our school strives to maintain the very highest standards in all subjects including English, Maths, Science, History, Geography and Jewish Studies.

Of equal importance is the security of all our pupils and the development of social and life skills so that everyone is ready for his, or her, transition to secondary school after Year 6.

Wohl Ilford Jewish Primary School is voluntary aided, as are most state funded faith schools; this means that not all of the wonderful experiences that we provide are funded by the Local Authority. They are paid for by The School Fund to which we ask parents to contribute in addition to other fundraising activities we carry out.  Wohl Ilford Jewish Primary School would not be the same without this complete package.

The School Fund contribution currently requested is £340 per child per term (£85 per month) for school children and £180 per child per term (£45 per month) for Nursery children.

Any parents who have difficulties in making the School Fund contribution are welcome to talk to the Finance Officer, in the strictest confidence. She can be contacted on 020 8498 1350.  No child will be discriminated against with regard to entry into the school, or in any other way.