“Both of my parents were Jewish and my mum came from quite an orthodox background. However, over the years, the religion was lost and I, unfortunately, was brought up knowing very little about being Jewish. I have always regretted not knowing more about my roots, which is why I am so keen for my children to grow up learning about what it’s like to be Jewish.

That is why I chose Wohl Ilford Jewish Primary School. I felt that this was the school that was going to give my children a healthy Jewish education and, indeed, give them a firm direction in life. I strongly believe that a lot of the young people today are missing that crucial sense of belonging and, indeed, their deep sense of identity. I wanted more for my children. It always feels wonderful when my child comes out of school so full of life. Together we have learnt the Bracha for lighting the Shabbat candles and we do it together every Friday night. She is beginning to teach me the Alef, Bet and now we are moving on to Grace after Meals.

I know that both of my parents, but especially my mum, would be so proud of me for making these choices for my family and I know that she would be so proud of my daughter. It’s with your support and your hard work that she already knows exactly who she is and where she comes from. She enjoys learning about the Jewish religion without it being a chore or even an effort. She has been given the most wonderful grounding for life and who could possibly ask for more.

I thank you all for all that you do. I believe I have chosen the most wonderful educator for my children and now I look forward to feeling the same naches when my younger child, please G-d, joins the school. My daughter really has flourished in this school in all areas of learning and yet we are only at the start of what I hope and feel will be a long and fulfilling journey.”


“We moved to the area from Beaconsfield during October half term and, after a crazy few days unpacking and trying to get our bearings, my children, who are 6 and 4, started at WIJPS in the first week of November. Having moved to a completely new area and being away from family and friends, starting a new school and nursery was a nerve wracking prospect for both the children and me! Everyone from parents to children to teaching and support staff were amazingly welcoming and friendly from the second we stepped into the playground, we needn’t have worried!

The children have settled in really well – I knew we’d made the right move when we were told, about a week in, that my older daughter was so settled that it seemed like she’d always been there! Both children have already established some lovely friendships and likewise the mums in the school have made me feel beyond welcome. It has been a pleasure meeting so many lovely new people.

Our move to Essex was very much motivated by a desire to live once again in amongst a Jewish community. My husband and I are very happy that we made the decision to go for it and put the children into WIJPS. Having been the only Jewish children in their previous school, it brings us real pleasure and makes us hugely proud when we hear them singing Hebrew songs, learning about festivals and experiencing daily many of the wonderful things about being part of this community.

We look forward to seeing them thrive at WIJPS and to the many exciting experiences that lie ahead for the children and us as a family.”