Publication of Governors’ Details

  • Mrs Caron Conway – Parent

    Having grown up in Redbridge and been active in our Jewish community from a young age, it means a lot to me to be instrumental in the ongoing success of the school. When my daughter started nursery here, I knew I wanted an active role and I subsequently became a governor in 2014.

    My professional career has always been within the recruitment and HR field and I’m delighted to be able to bring my skills to the governing body. Having been appointed as Chair of the Staffing Committee, driving this area forward is something I am passionate about and thoroughly committed to. I was particularly honoured to be the Co-chair of the panel responsible for appointing our new Headteacher. I am also a member of the WIJPS Friends/PTA which I thoroughly enjoy and I hope the team feel it’s an advantage to have a member of the governing body on the committee!

  • Rabbi Baruch Davis – Foundation

    I came to the Redbridge area in 1997, on being appointed as Rabbi of Chigwell & Hainault Synagogue. Many of my synagogue members’ children attend WIJPS, as did my youngest son. In 1999, I was appointed Foundation Governor at the school, a position that I have retained ever since. My special interest has been in the Jewish Studies Department and in the overall Jewish Ethos of the school. To this end, I meet regularly with the Head Teacher and Jewish Studies Co-ordinator. For several years I gave Jewish Studies extension classes to students in Years 4-6. My synagogue values this connection with WIJPS, as do other synagogues in the area, which contributes to the community feel of the school.

  • Mrs Andrea Elliker – Headteacher

    As an experienced manager of staff in the educational sector, industry and administration, I feel I have much to offer the Governing Body and school at Wohl Ilford Jewish Primary School. I have a breadth of knowledge developed from a diverse, successful career which has spanned working in research, investment, finance, administration and educational roles. As a Headteacher, I draw on many of these skills daily to develop and improve the school in which I work. I have a passion for improvement and the vision to implement new concepts and ideas which have brought about effective change through a collaborative, collegial approach, leading by example.

    I have developed an extensive range of partnerships with stakeholders and the wider community and have constantly sought opportunities for improvement (whilst working within increasingly confined budgets of £2.6 million per annum), to provide the best education for all pupils.
    I am able to utilise my extensive breadth of knowledge to great effect, developed during my years in commerce, using public funds effectively, controlling budgets, providing good communication and management skills, recognised during my most recent Ofsted inspection in 2012, at which time I was acknowledged as providing ‘outstanding’ leadership.

    I have experience of HR recruitment and training and a high level of confidential expertise (developed as a result of working closely with unions and HR re: staff issues, child protection and safeguarding).

    I am looking forward to using all of these diverse transferable skills working alongside governors at WIJPS, as we share our vision for the school and its future development and success, both within the wider context of our local community and future implementation of national and international initiatives.

  • Mrs Sue Geist – Foundation (Vice Chair)

    As an active member of the local Jewish community and a parent of two sons currently enjoying their education at WIJPS, the school is something which I care about a great deal. I became a school governor in 2013 and was heavily involved in the process of relocating to the new Kantor campus. I was lucky enough to have the exciting role of official photographer, recording the progress of the building project for the school website and local press.

    In my professional capacity as a marketing consultant, I strive to apply my communications experience in the commercial world to my role as chair of the WIJPS Marketing Committee to provide support to the school and advocate the role of effective communication to the parent body and throughout the local community. This has included project managing the build and maintenance of this brand new school website.

    I am also an active member of the staffing and finance committees where I utilise the skills gained from working in the fields of property and recruitment.

  • Mr Lester Harris – LEA

    I am proud to be associated with WIJPS, having first served as a Foundation Governor between 1995 and 1999. Since 2007, I was appointed an LEA Governor. Both my children enjoyed wonderful years and a fantastic education here. I currently serve on several committees – Admissions, Ethos, Finance and Performance Management. My specific link responsibility is for British Values and I try to visit the school as often as possible.

    I am delighted how WIJPS has developed as a community school. I know how committed and dedicated all staff and governors are to the future success and sustainability of a vibrant modern-Orthodox Jewish primary school in Essex.

    My own professional background covers both the not-for-profit and commercial sectors. Communally, I served as an Honorary Officer at Clayhall (now Redbridge) United Synagogue between 1998 and 2015.​

  • Mrs Gabi Hart – Teacher

    I have been teaching at WIJPS since 2002 and am very passionate about the children and their education. My two sons currently attend the school and I have many family members who have enjoyed a fantastic time at WIJPS and my children still continue to do so. I have also been an active member of the Friends and PTA and have helped to raise funds to support and enhance educational experiences within the school.

    My time at the school has enabled me to see how it operates and enables me to give the best advice when needed. As Computing Lead, I had an active role helping to advise about equipment for the new school building and continue to ensure the best resources are available. My role as computing lead means that I spend time ensuring E-Safety is implemented throughout the school, including organising sessions for parents.

  • Mr Matt Martin – Foundation

    After studying Economics at Manchester University, my entire career has been spent working in Finance and I am currently a Property Finance specialist at Barclays originating loans for Corporate customers.

    I have been a Parent Governor at WIJPS since 2013 with an unbreakable family connection to the school. My sons are pupils in the early years, my wife is a teacher and I have many nieces and nephews enjoying their WIJPS education. I work tirelessly to ensure that WIJPS is one of the best schools in the area and that all our pupils achieve their full potential with a strong Jewish identity.

    I am an active member of the Governing Body, with a seat on the Finance committee, the iJems working party and have responsibilities for Pupil Premium and, more recently IT. My work commitments mean I am not as regular a visitor to the school as I would like however, I do try to spend at least one day at term on the premises and love nothing more than sharing school dinners with our kids when I do.

  • Mr Bill Pointon – Parent

    With our one son thoroughly enjoying his time in the early years and one soon to be in the nursery, I am honoured to be part of the Governing body at WIJPS. I feel passionately about state education and want all our children to flourish in preparation for secondary school. I am a keen believer in students learning from all the experiences open to them, and I believe that WIJPS offers a great setting for all our children to do this.

    I have worked in education for over 14 years and am currently an Assistant Headteacher at a secondary school in Redbridge. This puts me in a strong position to understand the present issues within education and helps me to support the school on its journey to even greater things.

  • Mrs Anna Redland – Foundation

    As an active member of the local Jewish community and a parent of two children currently enjoying their education at WIJPS, and another child who has gone through the school and now attends KKS next door, the school is a place that I care about a great deal and is of great importance to our community. I am delighted to become a school governor to enable me to give something back to the school that has given my children so much.

  • Mr Ben Saltman – Foundation (Chair)

    A former pupil of the school (as is my wife), I haven’t moved far from my roots – I now have 4 children in the school. When my eldest joined the school, I was asked to join the Governing Body. I was appointed Chair in June 2014. I’m interested in the ‎welfare of the children and the school and am prepared to give my time and effort when required, having a positive impact on the future generation. I have been able to use my knowledge from my working profession as an Asset Management Surveyor, helping to solve problems, engaging with a variety of people in different professions and backgrounds, to progress ‎matters, reaching a successful conclusion. These skills are easily transferrable into my role as a governor.

  • Mrs Susan Senett – Clerk to the Governors



  • Mr Barry Soraff – Co-opted

    I joined WIJPS as a governor during 2014 having myself attended the school between 1977 and 1982. I still live and work in the local area and have been a partner in a firm of accountants since 1999 during which time I have worked closely with hundreds of organisations, businesses and individuals across the country helping them with their financial and commercial affairs. I help manage the school’s finances and ensure that the school is able to operate on a sound financial footing.

  • Ms Jodie Vernon – Foundation

    As a qualified teacher since the year 2000, I have a wealth of experience to offer WIJPS. Having taught EYFS, KS1 and KS2 I have a great understanding of what is expected of teachers to make a successful school.
    In 2016, I qualified as a counsellor. Children’s mental health is a big issue and something I am very passionate about. Having counselled children and adults, I believe that early intervention is extremely important. WIJPS has Norwood counsellors on site which is a fantastic addition to the school.
    WIJPS holds a very special place in my heart, as not only was I a pupil here but my son has spent his whole primary education studying here and has thrived. I have always had a good relationship with the staff at WIJPS and supported the school in many different ways, including resources, school trips and fundraising ideas.

  • Mr Jonathan West – Foundation

    My association with WIJPS goes back approximately 13 years when my eldest daughter joined the school. All of our children attended the school, and have now left and attend secondary school.

    I was first appointed a Foundation Governor at what was then the Ilford Jewish Primary School in or about 2006. I have always lived in the Ilford area and I am passionate about high quality, state (and Jewish) education and to be able to support my local school and give something back to my community is an honour. One of my major roles in the last few years was chairing the committee which oversaw the school’s move from Carlton Drive to the new site on the Kantor campus in 2013, as the Wohl Ilford Jewish Primary School. In or about 2010 I was asked to join the governing body of King Solomon High School where I have held various roles including chairing the staffing committee.

    I am a solicitor by profession and undertake litigation. I have been called upon on many occasions to assist both schools with a variety of legal and contractual matters.

    It is essential that our children achieve their full potential each year and go forward into secondary school with a good foundation of knowledge, self-confidence and respect for others. I am privileged to be a part of that process.