At Wohl Ilford Jewish Primary School we are committed to ensuring that every child makes the best progress possible. No child or group of children should be disadvantaged due to their gender, ethnicity or family circumstances.

The Pupil Premium Grant is a Government grant which provides schools with additional money to be used for children who have been, or are, in receipt of free school meals. This is because research has shown that these disadvantaged children do not typically attain as well as their non pupil premium counterparts.

We, as a school can utilise that money in whatever way we believe will best improve the chances of success of this disadvantaged group – academic and otherwise. Support may be short term small group interventions or longer term enrichment programmes to enable the children to raise their attainment and aspirations.

The impact of the spending is tracked and analysed to ensure that the Pupil Premium Grant is spent in a targeted, beneficial way to improve the outcomes and life chances for our most vulnerable children.

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Academic interventions 2016-2017
Enrichment interventions 2016-2017
Well being interventions 2016-2017
Academic interventions  2017-2018
Enrichment interventions 2017-2018
Well being interventions ​2017-2018